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Many years ago, the world of Alaeon was destroyed, and The Gods held a conference. Some said that they should rebuild the world exactly as it was, some thought it should be built better, nothing the way it used to be, and that They should live there as kings. Eventually, They came to the conclusion to each take a part in the reconstruction, and make it how they wanted.

Pelor, Ehlonna, and Farlanghn started by creating the world

Corellon Larethian made the Elves, and put them in the forest.

Garl Glittergold and Moradin made the Gnomes and the Dwarves, and spread them throughout the mountains.

Yondalla made the Halflings, and put them in the hills.

Gruumsh made the Orcs, and scattered them throughout the wilderness.

Heironeous and Hextor joined together to make the Humans.

Then, Boccob, Kord, Erythnul, Vecna, Olidammara, Richard, Stumpy McBeardaxe and Wee Jas went down upon the earth, and brought ideas to the world:

Boccob taught the good use of magic, while Wee Jas taught the evil of magic.

Kord taught melee fighting

Erythnul created currency

Vecna taught stealth and secrecy

Olidammara taught many impure ideas(drinking, gambling, stealing)

Stumpy taught war.

Then Nerull and St. Cuthbert were left in charge of life and death, and they still hold these positions.

And Richard saw it was good.(Some say he still walks the planes, occasionally slipping into new bodies just to cause strange things to happen in the world, which in the end, really irritates the other gods, but I digress…)

Each of these gods have had a church founded in their honor.


It has been thousands of years since then, and now the land is ruled by guilds:

Thieves Guild

Magic Guild

Fighting Guild

Assassins Guild

Archers Guild

and the Secret Societies

Main Page

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