Thieves Guild

Founded by Olidammara thousands of years ago, this organization is currently run by the elf Lea’ren, a master thief, who hired the Assassins Guild to kill the old guildmaster, his mentor. He is credited with stealing the Bust of Oel’mar from the Magic Guild.

Name # in position
Master 1
Expert 5
Shadow 12
Apprentice 60
Novice unlimited
Pickpocket unlimited

The Master and council of Experts live in a secluded fortress. The Experts are in charge of determining the Shadows, who run the individual guild halls in the main cities. Their apprentices help run those halls, and some even run guild halls in smaller surrounding towns. Novices and Pickpockets are the handymen, they are sent out on the minor missions, as they are expendable. Once they complete a number of missions determined by their Shadow, they upgrade, until they reach apprentice status.

The Current Council of Experts Race Gender
Fitsjames Wimund Human Male
Gehard Murray Human Male
Elizabeth Fitchett Human Female
Tor’une Il’fait Elf Female
Ulmad Nimbledigit Halfling Male

Thieves Guild

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